Alberto Cristini : Since 1989 he has resumed his passion for painting which he had cultivated years earlier. His focus is painting depicting his native Po delta. In more recent years he has made bronze sculptures many of which are now displayed in many public throught Italy and at the Italo-American museum of San Francisco.
In 2008 he published his first collection of poems “ drops of water and light “ and in 2011 “ walking on the words “.
He invented the swimming painting and he enjoyes swimming and painting , crossing lakes or expanses of seas, painting pictures. The series “ water frames “ includes “ Strait of Messina “ Alcatraz- San Francisco , the bay of New York, Loch Ness, the bay of Vancouver
His last works belong to the period “ works at work.
This is a transitory period both his using different tecniques and his various subjects .
The materials used plaster , stucco are worked almoust tridimensionally , trying to approce to the sculpture way.
Shaded subjects for an immaginary flight where, in somme case, tre colour is not the protagonist but the sign for an almoust primitive drawing.

Latest exhibitions:


  • Galleria Galliano –Monaco di Baviera
  • “paintings and sculptures”-Galleria Kass –Innsbruck- Austria
  • “body on the space”-Galleria Rouka –Monaco di Baviera- Germania
  • “talk about flowers” -Palazzo Comunale patrocinio Comune di Cattolica
  • “landscapes” Galleria Signorini- Lendinara
  • Museo dei Cappuccini- Lussemburgo


  • Dreamers of colours-Castello Estense -Ferrara
  • “looks on Polesine”-Istituto Italiano di Cultura di New York
  • “ land and waters”- Istituto Italiano di Cultura  di San Francisco
  • “ Texture”- galleria  Kass Innsbruck


  • “recent works”- Pescheria –Rovigo
  • “Group show”  galleria Geras  San Francisco
  • IV International exibition- Museo della Fanteria Roma
  • Venice on my heart  -Centro Arte Contemporanea Cavalese Trento
  • Land water and flowers – Palazzo del Turismo  Montegrotto Terme
  • landscapes – Istituto italiano di cultura Vancouver
  • colours  on  Delta  Po– Rosolina mare


  • “Oceana”   galleria Geras Tousignant  San Francisco
  • Mysterios rooms   Comune di Cattolica
  • galleria Art and Media  Castelfranco Veneto


  • The truth of beauty – Art people San Fancisco
  • Horizont line –  Cattolica
  • Gallery town’ di Padova


  • “Alberto Cristini    “sculptures”  “ Museo Italo Americano San Francisco
  • Between sky and sea  -comune di Gabicce
  • “horizon line “ galleria Giacon – Vigonza
  • “ landscapes of Veneto  “ Istituto Italiano di Cultura  Londra


  • “interior soul landscapes” borgo La Romanina  San Cassiano Crespino
  • “Policrome “  centro  Kursaal Abano Terme
  • “ alberto cristini “  Internazional Museum of the glass Montegrotto T.


  • Arte fiera  Amsterdam
  • “ the lights of the night and day”   sale della Pescheria  Rovigo


  • “subjectivity  castello di Castelbrando
  • “Arianna ‘s thread “ Museo celtico di Monterenzio
  • Land and water   Istituto Italiano di cultura San Francisco


  • Liassidi Hotel Venezia
  • Art Hotel Udine
  • “ Behind the sea “   Sabiana Paoli gallery with Italian cultural Institute Singapore


  • “Blind emotion “  giacon gallery  Padua